· Please describe your professional background (your education, courses, motivation, current activity) 

    I have studied in an Engineering school with courses related to Quality, Logistic industrial, Management and Organization. It was a block-release training which allowed me to have a concrete work experience in the SALOMON Company during 3 years. My main motivation was to discover methodologies to improve the way of working (How it is possible to improve the way of doing something?). It is still the case in my actual work where I try to find new methodologies useful for organizations and that will be implementing in a Business Process management software.

  · Why are you interested in the domain of problem solving?

    Because we are confront regularly to problems and it is interesting to have a methodology that helps to solve them.

  · Which were the main difficulties and obstacles encountered while solving a problem.

    When a problem concerns several entities it is difficult sometimes to find a solution which will satisfy everybody.

  · Which advice would you give on Problem Solving?

    Don’t go to fast on the first step which is the definition of the problem. The more you know the problem the more you will be able to solve it correctly.

  · What was your motivation to participate in this community?

    Exchange with people and learn more in this domain.