· Please describe your professional background (your education, courses, motivation, current activity) 

Starting with an education in Automatisms, Electronics and computer sciences, I was highly involved in developing rules for certification of airborne software for aviation. Always acting to improve the quality of any product or services, I was constantly looking for the best, i.e. “Right first time”, therefore, early involved in problem solving, more dedicated to Safety related issues. Still today involved in supporting the resolution of key issues.

· Why are you interested in the domain of problem solving?

This is a major feedback on the capability of any process, and we build and progress on issues, problem solving provide a constructive and structured feedback.

· Which were the main difficulties and obstacles encountered while solving a problem.

Of course the complexity of the issue can be an obstacle but, ensuring the involvement of the right people in agreeing, recognizing the problem statement is one or the main difficulty to find the causes and solutions in a constructive manner.

· Which advice would you give on Problem Solving?

Nobody can be blamed for problems or issues, only a process or a system, therefore speaking-up is a key driver to improvements.

· What was your motivation to participate in this community?

Learn on methodologies, tools supporting problem solving, and share experience