· Please describe your professional background 

    BSc (Mech Eng), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, InfluencerTM Platinum Trainer. Very wide range of positions in corporate environment from Design, Manufacturing, LSS Deployment, IT Deployment, Purchasing and People Change. Traditional Lean Six Sigma still leaves 80% of employees with little idea on how to solve a simple problem as it focuses on Yellow, Green and Black Belt and not 100% employees. My motivation is to help any organisation have 100% of employees with the skills and habitual use of a structured problem solving process – a culture of all employees engaged problem solving. 

· Why are you interested in the domain of problem solving? 

    All businesses have problems everyday. It is vital that any employee has the motivation and skills to solve daily problems not just a few selected employees.

· Which were the main difficulties and obstacles encountered while solving a problem? 

    The fact that 80% of employees in any organisation do not have the skills or are familiar with a structured problem solving process. 

· Which advice would you give on Problem Solving? 

    Organisations should develop a culture for all employees to have the skills and motivation to solve daily problems.

· What was your motivation to participate in this community? 

Problem Solving is vital to any organisation and this community recognizes that.

· Please tell us about an important or remarkable situation of your professional life. 

    Developing my own simple DMAIC based problem solving process (ProSolver) for all employees to be engaged and combining this with InfluencerTM (New York Times Bestseller) people change model to help any organisation have a culture of problem solving – habitual use.