· Please describe your professional background (your education, courses, motivation, current                activity) 

Mechanical engineer, I have worked in large international companies such as GE, Alstom, ARCELORMITTAl.

I spend more than 4 years working abroad in foreign countries and my favorite tool in problem solving is thus: stakeholder analysis

I am currently independent as a consultant

· Why are you interested in the domain of problem solving?

I’ve been working in continuous improvement since 17 years

· Which were the main difficulties and obstacles encountered while solving a problem.

Working ingroup and listening to other’s ideas

 · Which advice would you give on Problem Solving? 

Listen, listen, listen and do not try to impose your point of view. Be convincing not forcing

 · What was your motivation to participate in this community?

Opportunity to gain visibility as a consultant and increase my network

 · Please tell us about an important or remarkable situation of your professional life

Transformation of an department (batch annealing) in a steel making plant in Romania. With the local change agent we immediately focused on solving some irritants for workers in order to gain their buy in and support. All of the light bulbs on the roof were replaced. This working area which was quite dark when we started the project was then “Las Vegas” by the worker at the end of the 3 months project