How to build an effective team in the long run?

Some tips and best practices to consider when forming a problem solving team

By Problem Solving Community of Practice

April, 23rd 2015

The size of the team when solving a problem in industry is a major and widely discussed subject. For instance, knowing how many people shall be part of a problem solving team, which skills and behaviors shall be favored when forming the team and how to ensure cohesion and keep effectiveness in the long run are some of the main concerns  that practitioners face as part of their day-to-day efforts to eradicate problems.

A number of opinions, technics, researches and best practices have been proposed by both academics and industrials but no universal consensus exist on the matter. We have collected some of them, and put them together in this article to help enriching the debate. We reused the results from the last poll we carried out through our website, from forum answers on our LinkedIn group and from external sources. This is not intended to be a scientific paper nor a comprehensive review of existing literature but just a compilation of some best practices and pragmatic concepts.

Thanks to everyone who participate regularly with the Problem Solving Community of Practice and, more particularly, to those that answered the poll. We hope you find interesting this post and we invite you to continue the debate through LinkedIn.  

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