‣ Become an expert in our community
Anyone who wants to participate and who is interested in Industrial Problem Solving can be an expert of our Community. Are you an expert on problem solving? Do you have useful content that you want to share? This community is a great opportunity for you to share your experiences and best practices.

Experts play a key role in our Community since they are the ones who keep things moving forward. They have an active participation and are engaged to improve our community by continuously proposing innovative initiatives and meaningful content; they also promote communication, exchanges between members and community values.

    ‣ Benefits of being an Expert 
    We have thousands visitors a day on our website, we can help you to: 
  • Boost your network by connecting with other experts and specialists. 
  • Gain recognition (blog + biography page) 
  • Confirm, exchange and share your expertise. 
  • Sharpen your problem solving skills. 
  • Extend your profile
 ‣ Simple rules to become an expert
    There are just 3 simple rules to become a community expert. 
  • Being an expert means to truly engage with the community. You will contribute regularly with us through a long term relationship. This way we can assure we will always have meaningful content and active experts adding real value.
  • Your contribution should be in accordance with our domain of interest (industrial problem solving) and written in a personal level and not in a company’s name.
  • For a post or blog creation our editor team will check its content before publishing it
    Some examples of contributions you can make: 
    •  Creation of a blog into the Experts' Corner. 
    • Significant and regular participation in the Knowledge Center. 
    • Leading/animating technical forums to promote members interaction. 
    • Participation into the Polls and Surveys section by providing key questions and comments. 
    • Provision of regular feeds and news to the community. 
    • Any other idea that fits with the community’ spirit and principles.

    If you want to be part of this community please contact us, we will be glad to further share and discuss with you.