Problem Solving Fundamentals in a Snapshot  

Real life: difficult to formalize the problem, too late, too long to fix it and it appear again. To mitigate that matter of facts, comply with basics        

KIS (Keep It Simple) and Robust: 

1. Avoid the Issue 
    a. Process and/or Product Risk Analysis (FMEA): identify a potential risk before an issue occurs 
    b. Develop the Culture of Standards: does a standard exist, is it in line with the specification, is it known by those who are doing the job? 

2. Measure ---> Occurrence x Severity 

3. Too late, then act 
    a. It is a Crime Investigation: go immediately to the place the problem took place, lock the perimeter and grab indices and evidences because they will disappear after a period of time

    b. Which methodology? Is it a special cause (one set of tools) or a common cause (more complex, then another set of tools) 
    c. In any case, stick to basics 

            i. Facts & Data & Gemba (Go Look See) 
            ii. Participative (CFT – Cross Functional Team) 
            iii. Root Cause of Non Detection of the Issue 
            iv. Speed

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