En route to "Right First Time"  
    My experience in Problem solving shows that we can’t be successful unless some key ingredients are there and correctly mixed to ensure the problem will never come back again. These ingredients, in my view, are in the areas of methodologies of problem solving, resolution team set up, collaborative practices, management involvement and efficient decision making.
    It’s a continuous and costly effort in any company to fight against defects, quality escapes, and to drive continuous improvement. We are still far from ”Right First Time”!

    Several methodologies or standards exists on the market to support Problem Solving and shall be consistently applied and adapted to the complexity of the problem to solve.

    The escapes by themselves may have a level of criticality that varies upon several factors. As examples, we can highlight the level of customer expectations (i.e. Topic highly critical to the customer), the level of detectability of the issue (i.e. issue detected far late in the process, therefore not detected at the right sequence), the number of times the defect appeared and finally the internal criticality of the defect vs disruptions in internal processes, negative impact on cost or people.

    In addition to the criticality of the issue itself, a key factor is the mixing of ingredients to ensure the final fix in a timely manner. By ingredients, we mean selecting the right team to fully describe the problem and lead the root cause analysis, the agility and willingness of the represented organisations to act on the resolution of the problem, the needed expertise to support the team, the adapted management attention to drive and support the team, and an efficient decision making process to select the best corrective actions.

    If you share these concerns, we could start in developing one or several of these ingredients.

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