Welcome to the portal of the Problem Solving Community of Practice (CoP),
a group of individuals working together to improve the way industrial problems are solved 

Our domain of interest:  
The Industrial Problem Solving Process 
We are interested in developing the thinking, processes, methods and tools required to solve industrial problems as part of continuous improvement and quality management strategies. 

Our strategy:
 To improve while collaborating  
Thanks to the establishment of an open, free and online Community of Practice (CoP) promoting collaboration between community members so that they can exchange information, knowledge, best practices and experiences.    
Our members:
 Any individual interested in the Problem Solving Process
This community is open to all individuals (practitioners, professionals, experts, academics ...) with an interest in continuous improvement and, more particularly, in the processes, methods and tools required to solve industrials problems. 

Our added value: Lessons Learned accompanied by concrete solutions    
On top of the possibility to access and collaborate with a network of experts, we commit on providing our community members with concrete and operational solutions and tools to support their day-to-day problem solving practice.    

If you want to learncommunicateshare and develop specific skills to improve the way you solve problems while connecting and collaborating with others, join our community !