Here you can find documents related to the Industrial Problem Solving Process. This section includes amongst others: Articles, Reports, Procedures, Studies, StandardsBest Practices, Thesis and Academic Papers, etc. 
Here you can find concrete tools and solutions intended to support and improve the process of solving industrial problems. This section includes among others: Tools, Portals, Apps, Templates, etc.

Interactive Material (under development)
Here you can find/post any interactive educational material contributing to the establishment of a self-learning environment.  This is the place to share: Pictures, Videos, Cartoons, MindMapsSoftware, etc.

Here you can find definitions for the terms related to the Industrial Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement. This is also the place to find Acronyms.

Training Material
Here you can find training related information and interactive educational material. This portal can help you to discover/disseminate learning solutions such as Moocs, Serious Games, eLearnings, trainings, etc. 

Useful Links
Here you can find/propose links to external sites or simmilar communities. This functionality promotes the creation of a solid community that considers all the stakeholders, actors, orgnizations and innitiatives in our domain of interest.