Call for industrial partners for a collaborative project 

AXSENS bte, a specialized consulting firm and professional training provider on Industrial Systems, ENIT, National School of Engineers of Tarbes, and  AGILIUM, software editor and integrator for the modelling and analysis of business processes, have decided to launch a collaborative project :  

« Towards more agile processes integrating knowledge based systems and collaboration mechanisms »

The project aims to provide a global solution combining a software tool and a methodological approach for improving the management and optimization of business processes, especially for non-repetitive, exploratory and distributed ones. 

The project covers 3 main axes:

            § Processes agility, to have more pragmatic processes definition and modelling

                § Collaboration mechanisms, to favor collaboration between stakeholders, either external or internal

                §  Knowledge-based systems, to have smart processes allowing reuse of experiential knowledge

A call for partners has been launched so that mutually beneficial relationships can be established and solutions proven through real use cases:

  • We are looking for 2 to 3 partners: Covering all business sectors, industry or services, interested on optimizing its processes and/or its organization. Complementary contexts: SMEs and International Groups
  • 3 expected roles of partners:

§  Share needs, difficulties and best practices.

§  Contribute to the definition of both the methodology and the software solutions.

§  Contribute with « data sets » during the test phase and participate as « beta tester ».

      ·         Several direct benefits for concerned partners:

§  Participation into a collaborative action including Public, European and Regional funding (FUI, FoF, H2020…)

§  Establishment of lasting mutually beneficial relationships

§  Possibility to access and use results and project deliverables: methodology, software, concepts.

§  Participation in an inter-institutional project labeled by competitive clusters and supported by professional associations


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 Document de communication du Projet de Collaboration (EN)